Label for the Environment

ESE sustainable containers may display the environmental label “The Blue Angel – made from recycled plastics (RAL–UZ 30a).”
This recognised eco-label is certified by the company RAL gGmbH and was awarded its status as an “eco-label” based on the criteria of the Federal Environmental Agency and an independent jury. The origin and formulation of the recycled plastics must be verified and certified according to the EuCertPlast.

The owner of the eco-label "Blue Angel" is the Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety. The technical criteria  for awarding the label are developed by the Federal Environmental Agency.

In addition, the EuCertPlast certification independently guarantees that the recycled plastics used are safe for humans, animals and the environment.


Sustainable product design takes into account the optimised use of materials, transport, stacking capacity and durability. Resource consumption and emissions can be substantially reduced.


ESE containers, whether they are made from recycled or new materials, are systematically tested and certified  to meet the world’s highest test requirements set bythe RAL-GZ 951/1 certification mark. Only high-quality containers with a long product life can be environmentally friendly.


Respect for the environment features strongly in the new EU guidelines on public procurement. European communities want to and must emphasize environmental aspects in the future. The eco-friendliness of materials and products should be easy to understand, comparable and independently certified, in order to provide the certifying bodies with legal certainty.

The demand for the eco-friendliness of materials or production processes will be greatly enabled by the invitation to acquire respected eco-labels. In order to support its customers in this effort, ESE, as the first manufacturer of waste and recycling containers, complies with the requirements of “The Blue Angel” eco-label.