PURECOLOUR®, is a colour that is defined by the composition of the reused plastics itself, without colour additives! The colours of the various plastics coming back for recycling are carefully selected to create a range of grey colours. Due to the variances in the colour composition, every day another Grey comes to life as the ‘Grey of the Day’. These variances are the visual proof of recycling.



In the past most bins were made from new plastics that needed only a small amount of colour additive to create a bin with a defined colour code.

Today, ESE produces bins from fully recycled plastics that retain various colours from the previous application. To over colour these already coloured plastics, even more colour additives are needed to get back to the same defined colour specifications.

The disadvantage is that, in every recycling step more colour additives are required to reach this colour. ESE has proven that the plastics in a bin can be recycled up to 10 times. For this, the plastics need to be kept as PURE as possible.

Every time the plastics come back for reuse, more colour additives are added to reach strict colour requirements. This will compromise a PURE plastic lifecycle.

PURECOLOUR® is keeping plastics pure, to recycle bins for decades to come.