Environmental Report

A Sustainability Strategy


Dear readers

The ESE Group‘s corporate values and strategy are following the concept of sustainability. As one of the leading groups in the waste management industry, we feel it is our responsibility to implement sustainable practices even beyond the requirements of the regulations. This includes environmen¬tal protection, but also social concerns and responsible action for a sustainable business model.

In past years, we have successfully launched new projects and target-oriented activities in our company. Some of these we present to you here in our sustainability report.

Many of our business partners support our approach and represent similar values. Our products, research pro¬jects and development are designed to make it easier for our partners to realize their own sustainability strategies.

We press ahead with our development in cooperation with our partners; perhaps you are already among them, or will be in the future. That is what we hope for, because it is only together that we will be able to achieve decisive change.

Björn Hedenström
CEO ESE World B.V.


>> Brochure Environmental Report (pdf)