As one of the original manufacturers of these products, ESE recognised the importance of services relating to the construction, care and recycling of a fleet of containers or bins and made this an essential corporate objective.

ESE has outstanding expertise when it comes to major restructuring where there are flows of differentiated materials flows, and makes this know-how available to its customers. ESE actively supports public and private waste removal service providers, for example when initially installing a system, or in the strategic, economic, organisational and logistic challenges for exchanging containers.

The latest example of this is the largest service project so far throughout Europe. ESE carried out the initial distribution of new bins from different manufacturers involving over 700,000 bins within 4 months. At the same time, an identification system was introduced and the old bins were also recycled on the spot. The well thought-out organisation and user-friendly implementation during this unique project with a range of contractual partners underline ESE's competence in service delivery.