Semi- Underground system SEMIO

Getting to the bottom of things

Perfect for all locations with high volumes of waste: the most recently developed semi-underground container offers a large fill volume, reduces emptying frequency and lowers maintenance costs. Only one third of the product is visible. The SEMIO with its new straight design and all its finish  options can be integrated into many different public spaces.


  • Large fill volume, yet small space required
  • Perfect construction: straight shape and wide bottom-opening to ensure smooth flow of waste from the container
  • Mobile body: long service life by using UV resistant polyethylene
  • Hoisting system and doors are protected from corrosion by hot-dip galvanised steel
  • Reduced odours and noise- Can be emptied by a single operator
  • Fixed body made of concrete with steel reinforcement
  • Possibility of individual cladding on housings
  • Constructed from materials suitable for recycling
  • Absolutely watertight against ground and rain water
  • Safety ensured for both user and waste collection personnel
  • Low maintenance

SEMIO fulfils all current European and national standards and is certified in accordance with the European standard EN 13071.

Hooks and flaps

The underground systems of ESE exist for different hoisting systems. The single-, double hook and mushroom system. Depending of the system SEMIO opens with a one-piece or two-piece bottom flap.