Surprise bag with double bottom

A bag full of possibilities

BAGIO products are perfect where large amounts of waste are produced, for example in parks where standard containers are inadequate.

BAGIO provides an invisible large fill volume. It also offers a unique, easy to use loading height. The waste is continuously compacted by gravity due to the weight of the waste being disposed. This results in reduced emptying frequencies.

The environmentallyfriendly standard version of the BAGIO comes without any coating. We can also offer a range of colours and decoration for the BAGIO on request. BAGIO is a good introduction to highly efficient, modern semi underground systems.

A clever bag system of robust and recyclable polypropylene is used instead of a solid inner liner. Due to the reduced weight, no special trucks are necessary while emptying - it only needs a standard truck with a crane.

The bags for the new system are compliant with ISO 21898 standards. BAGIO is certified according to the European standard EN 13071.

>> Brochure BAGIO (pdf)

>> Brochure BAGIO II (pdf)