From the idea to the product

The idea was to combine the advantages of round-lid bins with those of flat-lid bins: to develop a flat-lid bin that could be emptied without difficulty by any suitable vehicle, but would possess all the ergonomic advantages of a round-lid bin with lid-in-lid system.

The SPLITLID® combines safety, ease of handling and economy, and is an interesting alternative to bins with round lids.


In practical use, the lids of 1100 litre containers frequently collide with thecompression mechanism of collection vehicles. Residual waste in the hopper can also come into contact with lids. The consequence is often damage to lids and hinges.

The SPLITLID®, with its flexible front element which can hinge in either direction,
is at a significant advantage here: it simply gives way, in either direction!

Fracture of the lid or damage to the body hinge is practically impossible. All in all, it significantly reduces the risk of accidents due to damaged bins.

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