Small Clip - works great

Ergonomic, quiet and environmentally friendly

The highest degree of durability is achieved by products which are of such good quality that they last as long as possible. In the past, the quality of plastic containers depended on the thickness of the material. By using a unique, robust and lightweight design in conjunction with appropriate production
technology, we have developed a container which meets today’s requirements:
lighter, better, durable. Easier to handle and transport, and more sustainable for the environment. And as you would expect, it naturally carries RAL certification.

It’s easy to see that quality, sustainability and design are the cornerstones
of our product development.

Comprehensive standard

  • Greater depth of comb receiver ensures optimal lifting security  
  • Additional honeycomb structure for safety and maximised life expectancy
  • Eight ribs in the chip-nest secure the permanent positioning of the chip
  • A smooth internal surface ensures easy emptying and cleaning
  • Full rubber tyres on the wheels
  • High stability through metal axles made from tempered steel
  • Corrosion protection by electro galvanising and chroming
  • Handles designed to optimise efficient handling and ergonomics
  • Colours: 19 standard colours; additional colours on request
  • Extremely eco-friendly because of the CO2 reduction
  • Remarkably quiet  already in the standard version 
  • Noise insulated wheel housing
  • Noise reduction while opening and closing the lid
  • Ergonomically good and really simple to handle

Multiple Options

  • Individual identification
    • Hot-foil stamping, e.g. council name, council crest
    • Injection embossing of text
    • In-mould labelling: indestructible stickers integrated in the plastic material of the container
  • Coloured lid clip for fraction identification - can also be fitted or changed later
120 CL
CL 120 L
140 CL
CL 140 L
180 CL
CL 180 L
240 CL
CL 240 L