We love waste!

ESE is the market leader for temporary storage solutions for waste and recyclable materials. We offer a large selection of high-quality products and services, which enable our customers in the waste management industry to streamline their processes and achieve their sustainability goals.

We offer solutions, not products only!

ESE undertakes to deliver innovative, sustainable products along with excellent customer service. We offer a comprehensive range of (logistic) services throughout the service life of the container.

  • Planning / Data acquisition
  • Door-to-door distribution / System introduction
  • Repairs / Maintenance / Cleaning
  • Financial services
  • Return / Replace / Recycling

We optimise waste management

Optimised container usage:

  • Life cycle management
  • Product service life

Product development to be ready for new market requirements:

  • Use of recycled material
  • Development of container sizes to match current waste quantities
  • Tailor-made solutions for customers to meet local market requirements

With ESE you will meet your sustainability targets

We manufacture close to our customer and optimise transport objectives: Our goal is a maximum reduction of CO2. Recycling-friendly product design: According to the latest EU directive, introduced in December 2010, the re-use and recycling of materials are the most important requirements in the updated national waste management regulations. ESE is working towards 100% reuse of materials and accessories from used containers.