ESE - Visions and Objectives

Whoever wants to shape the future must have a vision.

Starting out as a traditional German family-owned business with an international focus, we use our waste management technology experience, looking forward to the future, working closely with our customers to achieve the best results.

Our vision:

Our vision is to offer the broadest range of innovative and sustainable products and services to support our customers in optimising their waste management, ensuring they achieve their sustainability targets.

We have a Zero Waste Policy

  •  no waste in the manufacture of our products

Our products are made from up to 100% recycled materials

  • protecting raw materials for our children's future
  • using agricultural land to produce food

Our aim:

We aim to be the best in innovation, delivery and service quality

  • for sound and profitable growth
  • for an attractive corporate culture
  • to protect resources and manufacture in a sustainable way

We aim to be an attractive company to work for with an entrepreneurial corporate culture...

We are the experts!

When it comes to storing waste and recyclable materials, we are truly the experts!